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Fantastic line-up of international speakers for World Conference

13th Jan 12

More international speakers at World Conference this year!

In response to members' feedback - requesting more international speakers - a wide range of speakers from around the world will be featured at this year's IABC World Conference, 24-27 June in Chicago.

Just some of the speakers and their topics include:

Intercultural competencies global CEOs need
Presenter / Barbara Gibson / U.K.

Communication lessons from the 2011 earthquake in Japan
Presenter / Jungae Lim / Tokyo, Japan

Is there a right way to build, manage or revise your reputation?
Presenter / Jacqui d’Eon, ABC, MC / Ontario, Canada

Rising to the challenge: Going from business partner to trusted adviser
Presenter / Bill Quirke / U.K

The art and science of social media
Presenter /Calle Vestman / Sweden

Digital brand health: How to measure a brand’s reputation online
Presenter /Donald Patrick Lim, Ph.D., Phillipines

Building an internal communication capability
Presenter / Daniel Munslow / Gauteng, South Africa

$150k p.a. Director of Communication
Presenters / Lindsay Uittenbogaard / Netherlands and Sean Trainor / U.K.

Crashing on a shore near you: The cresting wave of integrated reporting
Presenter / Annette Martell, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow / Ontario, Canada

Selling and influencing to win over your peers and the power brokers in your organization
Presenters / Adrian Cropley, ABC / Australia and Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC / Ontario, Canada

Events that enable change: How the revolution in Egypt changed an organization
Presenters / Darren Briggs / U.K. and Seif El Wazery / Egypt

Coming soon to a job description near you: Content curation
Presenter / Donna Papacosta / Ontario, Canada

You can view all of the presenters at the IABC 2012 World Conference here

This year's conference will include presentations and discussions on the wide range of topics you need to stay focused on the future of business communication, plus a number of outstanding events to keep you connected with the ever-changing world of communication!

All the information you need is right here…

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